5 Essentials You Need For Music Festival Glam


Patriotic temporary tattoos

If you’re thinking of heading to a music festival this year, you know there are some accessories you NEED to have in order to get those perfect Instagram-worthy photos that will make ALL of your followers jealous! You know it all too well: You are scrolling through your Instagram feed only to see all these beautiful photos of girls wearing boho skirts, flowy blouses, and flower crowns. You want to fit right in and have photos just like them that are vibrant and beautiful.

Now you can! All you need are a few essentials to help make your wardrobe amazing! Here are five essentials every girl needs at a music festival.

1. Glitter!

If you’ve been following social media and fashion trends, you know everything glitter has taken off! From glitter markup brushes to glitter eye shadow and even people wearing glitter as CLOTHES, glitter has really taken off as a trend! For a music festival, you can either put glitter in your hair (a cute hairstyle is wearing to buns on each side of your head and then putting glitter on your roots) or wearing glitter temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos give you the best of both words as you don’t have to commit to tattoo for life, but you’ll get the sexy look for a day or a few! Glitter tattoos are even cuter because they will shimmer in the light as you walk around the festival. Glitter tattoos come in a shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can find the perfect one to compliment your outfit!

2. Comfortable shoes

One of the most important things to remember at a music festival is that you will be walking around a lot, so you need comfortable shoes. You can still choose a boot or heel, but remember to walk around in them for a bit and “break them in,” as you’ll be on your feet for hours at a music festival.

3. Jewels for your face

Another cute trend we’ve seen is girls wearing small jewels on their face to compliment their amazing eye makeup! Want to go for an outfit that is out of this world? Give off magical vibes by using small jewels on your face and body!

4. A bronzed glow

If you’re going to be taking pictures, you want to make sure you skin has some color and a beautiful glow. Using the perfect bronzer can give you a healthy flow and also make your cheekbones pop when used with a gorgeous highlighter!

5. An adorable handbag

You’ll want to carry around your phone (for pictures, duh!), as well as some powder or makeup for a touch up. You might want to carry around some money, your keys, and other personal items, and a small crossbody can be the perfect option. Choose one with flowers, fringes, studs, or cool colors to wear a a statement piece!

Do you have any more idea for music festival outfits and looks? Which accessory is your favorite? (We know, it’s glitter tattoos). Feel free to share your ideas for musical festival garb in the comments below!

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