Benefits of Organic Bedding


Natural bed

Chemicals that are harmful to humans can be found in a number of surprising locations, including bedding. However, organic mattresses, organic sheets and organic blankets are available to those who may be affected by the chemicals. The chemicals found in bedding and mattresses are what make them flame retardant and cannot be washed out. When you lay down in your bed, you are potentially breathing in the chemicals within the mattress and blankets. Organic materials do not use any harmful chemicals and therefore are safer to use than others, particularly for people who have breathing inhibitions such as asthma or COPD.

Natural beds and organic cribs have a strong outer layer of wool, a natural fire retardant. Wool is an organic material because it is naturally sustainable and requires no chemical processes to make it useable by humans. Furthermore, it is naturally without dust mites, does not hold the potential to grow mold and is hypo allergenic. Supplying a natural bed complete with wool mattress, wool blankets and wool sheets for yourself or for you family may help prevent the development or provoking of allergies, asthma and sensitive skin, ultimately protecting anyone with these issues.

The truth is, asthma rates are at an all time high, particularly in city settings. An increase in organic materials that can potentially lower the risk of asthma attacks may be beneficial to the health of children and adults alike. Natural beds could potentially help decrease the amount of harmful chemicals people come into contact with, resulting in a healthier community.

Natural bedding can be found online as well as in some specialty bedding stores. However, most specialty stores are not found outside of large cities, so people living in rural or suburban areas may need to order online. Natural bedding is available in all bedding sizes, including crib bedding.

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