The Fun Fearless Print That Has Everyone Talking


Camo vest

Military camouflage was spurred by the increasing range and accuracy of firearms in the 19th century. These days, you see military inspired camouflage in everything from camo baby bedding to camo seat covers for your car, suggesting just how increasingly popular the print design has become.

Many camouflaged textile patterns have been developed to suit the need to match combat clothing to different kinds of terrain (such as woodland, snow, and desert), however pink camouflage, which is not necessarily known for its’ tie to the military, has begun to gain traction in everything from camouflage bedding for girls, to purses and camo formal gowns.

Aside from a fashion statement, pink camouflage has begun to display itself in every type of sport, ranging from archery to video games. In fact, a pink camouflage controller was recently introduced by Evil Controllers to commemorate “Girl Gaming Month”.

Protective colouring helps an animal hide from its enemies or warns them away. While pink camouflage is not necessarily meant for protection, it is certainly a fun fashion statement that seems to be showing up in all types of products.

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