Dos and Donts for Selling Jewelry


Selling jewelry can be a lucrative side business. If a person can follow these do’s and don’ts, they will be on the right track to making money selling jewelry online. The video at the end of this post will shine more light.

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Here is what should be done. They should be honest! Even if they think a stone has more value than it does or some other embellishment makes the piece seem better than it is, they should be honest about what they know. Vendors must ascertain that they are secure and not tarnished or broken. Vendors must uphold a high degree of cleanliness in their jewelry before selling it. No one wants to buy a dirty necklace.

Here is what shouldn’t be done. Don’t price gouge on estate pieces! If anyone enquires about anything, vendors must always respond respectfully and be sentimental in attachment to the history behind the work.No one wants to be feel disrespected when making a purchase.

Vendors must not lie about how many times something has been worn or used. They should always be honest about how much wear and tear a piece has gone through so people can see what they’re getting into. For more of this information, call home.


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