Engraved Stones can Show Appreciation in Lots of Different Settings


Anniversary stones

One of the most wonderful ways to mark the grave of a beloved family pet is an engraved rock. While many dog memorial stones and other items today will hardly resemble the oldest known engraved object in the world, which is a 100,000 year old pebble with at least 23 engraved lines, they can be a great way for families to show their appreciation for the years of loyalty and companionship that a pet has given them. Because they are such a great gesture, and require very little effort to use, dog memorial stones are one of the best ways for a family to honor their pet.

Custom engraved stones will be made out of either igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rock, which are the three major types on the planet. And, generally, dog memorial stones and other items that are made out of those rocks will use sand or abrasive blasting, which is the most common method of lettering and engraving cemetery monuments and markers. Because it is highly customizable, rock engraving can add a unique touch to any lawn or garden that a homeowner takes pride in. On top of that, it allows pet lovers to create individual and touching dog memorial stones that honor a beloved pet.

Sometimes, coming up with great ideas for dog memorial stones can be difficult, especially since losing a pet can be very stressful. In order to get inspiration, individuals might want to check out lots of different sources. While some might simply look at the dog memorial stones of their friends or neighbors, others might want to surf the internet to try to find some inspiration. Many, however, might simply want to remember any good times they had with their pets, and try to incorporate an idea that commemorates those times on their dog memorial stones.

In addition to dog memorial stones, there are lots of reasons that someone might purchased engraved stones. They can make great anniversary, birthday, “just because,” or unique wedding gifts that are perfect for just about anyone. Sometimes, quirky gifts will be remembered for a longer time than the most expensive ones that an individual receives. Because of that, individuals might want to think outside the box and try to find something unique and unforgettable to give as a gift and celebrate a special occasion. Get more here.

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