Five Fashion Tips For The Millennial Tired Of Constantly Keeping Up With New Trends


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Fashion trends come and go. But you’re here to stay.

Meet somewhere in the middle by picking up some timeless fashion tips. Not only will you have less stress on your mind when crafting together an outfit for that long-overdue get-together, you’ll be able to express yourself in more ways than you thought possible without looking dated. Today’s fashion industry is more assertive than ever, eager to get you searching for the ideal look while telling you to buy everything and the kitchen sink. Is that truly necessary? Find out below with these five fashion essentials that are as lovely as they are adaptable.

Button Down Shirt

Want to look classy, yet casual? A button down shirt isn’t a bad place to start. You can tuck these into a pair of high-waisted jeans to nail that classic New York socialite look or pair them with flattering slacks for something professional and comfortable. As of today the United States boasts the largest apparel market in the world, with 2015 seeing an astonishing value at $360 billion. Your button down shirt should boast some lovely neutrals or simple patterns to offset your basic jacket or jean set-ups. Who says mixing and matching is hard?

Skinny Jeans

You knew this would be on the list! Skinny jeans have enjoyed steady love in the 80’s, the 90’s and the modern day for their ability to show off your legs without going overboard. They meet that fine middle ground between traditional denim jeans and flattering leggings, giving you that extra bit of material to stay durable as you mix and match your way to stardom. Colorful skinny jeans are all the rage and give your wardrobe some pop, so try to couple a purple or orange pair alongside the classic navy blue. Business Insider found shopping online is a popular choice for younger and older adults alike.


Too tired to look stunning? Cute, comfortable sweatshirts will make sure you’re never truly caught with your hair down. Sweatshirts can come in that classic college look with little more than a bold color and logo to match or a wide array of fun patterns and graphics, depending on your taste. All can be thrown over your basic wardrobes or even shaken up with a pair of dressy shoes for some unpredictable flavor. Back in 1930 the average American woman owned just nine outfits. Today that average figure is closer to 30. If that describes you to the T, you’ll need some casual fallback for those lazy days!

Graphic T-Shirts

Another way to match cute with casual is to have a selection of graphic t-shirts on the fly. Throw them over a simple skirt, pair of jeans or high-waisted shorts and you’re ready for just about anything. Pairing t-shirts with Robert Graham jackets or casual shoes can bring out the best in not just you, but anyone who looks your way with some fashion goals in mind. Psychology studies have recently revealed first impressions can be formed in a mere seven seconds. When you only have so much time to be the cutest at the party, a splashy t-shirt mixed with your favorite belt and seasonal accessories is the way to go!

Designer Handbags

Now for those fashionable accessories! These can be infuriating because of just how broad the term is. Back in 2015 handbag sales in the United States hit an impressive $11 billion, so rest easy knowing you’ll have some very cute ones to go alongside your button down shirt or bright pink skinny jeans. The handbags you’ll want most are the ones that flatter your wardrobe while remaining functional, so try to get one for the club and one for the long day out with friends. Everyone who glances your way won’t know what hit them!

Fashion trends may feel as finicky as a season, but the fact of the matter is that you can make quite a few things work with the basics. Now go out there and get stylish!

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