Five Reasons You Need a Personal Stylist


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Your professional image is important to you; and it should be. You invest in the best mens dress trousers, and you always wear high end dress shirts. You know where to get a good tailored suit. But do you know what actually looks good on you? Here are five reasons you should consider getting a personal stylist to up your game.

You Already Have a Team for Everything Else

If you’re a serious professional, you likely have a small army of secretaries, drivers, personal trainers, and maybe even life coaches to ensure that professional and personally you are at your best and are projecting the right image to the world. Why wouldn’t you also hire someone to help keep your appearance on track? Don’t spend hours preparing for important meetings only to spend three minutes throwing on some mens dress trousers. A professional stylist can help you look amazing while allowing you to focus on other things.

You Don’t Have to Go Through Your Closet

If you’ve ever stood in front of your closet and lamented that you had nothing to wear, that will never happen again. You don’t have to worry whether the mens dress trousers you bought are still style, or if that designer clothing actually fits. A personal stylist can go through the whole thing, tell you what to get rid of and what to take, arrange your clothes in a sensible way so you can find what you need, and alert you to what you need to buy to fill in gaps. They will do this based on a personal knowledge of your body, your desired style, and the professional image you need to convey.

Your Clothes Will Always Fit

Stop hanging on to those luxury dress shirts that don’t fit correctly just because you paid some money for them. A stylist works closely with tailors to get your the tailored clothing that fits your body perfectly in every respect. You’ll be amazed at the difference between off the rack and bespoke clothing, and you’ll love the freedom of being able to take anything out of the closet and know that it fits like a dream.

Never Pack Again

When you’re headed out on a big business trip, packing is likely just an annoying necessity. You know you need to look good, but you have a lot more important things to do than worry about what goes into the case and what is required for the climate, and possible for different fashions and customs in another country. Even if you’re just headed out on vacation, you still have an image to project, so let your personal stylist take care of all this for you.

Save Room in Your Brain For Other Things

Changes in fashion, new trends, new stores, new tailoring options, seasonal color choices: these are all important to achieving an excellent personal look. But so much is happening in the fashion world that it can be daunting for the average working person to try and keep on top of it all. Stylists do this for a living. They know where to get things, and where to get the best deal. They can keep you in just the right mens dress trousers, but save you money and a lot of angst along the way.

In the end, a stylist can save you some serious money, and will definitely save you enormous amounts of time and stress. Project the image you want the world to see, for less, with your own personal stylist.

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