How to Choose the Best Birthday Flowers


Flowers are suitable additions for just about any occasion. Birthdays are such a special occasion and not being able to decide on what to gift is a common dilemma. A good choice in such a situation would be birthday flowers. Read on to find out how you can select the best birthday flowers:

1. Birthday flower of the month
Interestingly, each month has a flower associated with it. While getting your bouquet done, you could go with the flowers of the month.

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This would mean selecting carnations that are for January, daisies for April, and lilies for May.

2. Symbolism
Strike up a tradition of gifting the same flowers for each birthday, or if you’re aware of the birthday person’s favorite flower, go with that.

3. The right color
Knowing the recipient’s favorite color could help you pick flowers of that hue to build a lovely bouquet.

4. A flower combo
A birthday bouquet, together with chocolates, cake, or a teddy bear would make it feel even more special.

Here’s a lovely thought – A flower a year will keep you near and dear!


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