Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Trends You Dont Want to Miss


In her first-ever 2021 trends video, Chantay Lavette gives you kitchen and bathroom remodeling tips to make them aesthetically pleasing and integrated.

First, you can have a less built-in look which is more integrated with less cabinetry. But if you want your kitchen to accommodate many family functions, adding a large island will do the trick.

There is so much that lies on surfaces we can’t see.

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That inspires touchless faucets, which make your household healthier. Also, we have the increased storage design, another pandemic baby. So, stock pantries before they lock the country down.

If you want to give more eye candy, statement hoods will help. Additionally, slabs are beautiful and healthy because they allow for much easier cleanup. Finally, rich hues will help you soothe your mind and spirit this season.

When remodeling your bathroom, Matte finishes and completes all your metal fixtures and any other accessories. Also, linear drains are sleeker and an excellent upgrade from the classic round ones. You will want to opt for large-format tiles because they go well with a healthier environment.

If you want to exude luxury, this design is for you. Do you want a star for the bathroom show? Voila, the soaking tub!.

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