How to Fully Prepare for a Brazilian Wax



It’s understandable to feel a little nervous before your first waxing. Statistics show that women in the United States spend over $10,000 and two months removing unwanted hair. Receiving a Brazilian wax is a great way to remove unwanted hair for long amounts of time. Here are four steps to prepare for an upcoming Brazilian wax.

  1. Check the Skin Around Your Bikini Area

    There are a few conditions that can make a bikini wax painful. If you’re getting over a sunburn, it’s best to wait for a wax until the redness dissipates. Taking any medications that cause skin sensitivity may cause irritation during waxing. If there are any sores or wounds near the waxing area, you’ll want to wait until these ailments clear up.
  2. Let Hair Grow Slightly

    It’s a common misconception to assume that hair needs to be removed before your appointment. If there is no hair present, the wax will have little to attach to. However, you also don’t want to have thick pubic hair which can make waxing difficult and more discomforting. A general rule of thumb is to let the hair grow about one fourth of an inch.
  3. Conversation Helps Create a Nice Setting

    It’s understandable to feel awkward receiving a wax for the first time. Many people who administer a Brazilian wax know clients may feel nervous. If you want to make things go more smoothly, prepare a few talking points. You’ll want to shy away from any controversial topics. However, chatting about the last movie or television show you’ve watched is a great way to avoid sitting in silence during a Brazilian wax.
  4. Utilize a Cream to Apply Afterwards

    The person who administers your wax may have recommendations on what to apply afterward. Applying certain topical treatments can help reduce irritation and redness after a Brazilian wax. It’s recommended that laser hair removal has a follow up between four to eight weeks. If you want to receive regular waxing sessions, a staff member will help you create the right intervals for repeat treatments.

In summary, there are several tips to help you prepare for your first Brazilian wax. Statistics show that, out of 3,316 women, 84% engage in some form of hair removal around the bikini area. Many women regularly receive bikini waxes which you should make feel assured about the treatment. You’ll want to check all skin around the waxing area before booking an appointment. It’s wise to let your bikini area have hair that is around one fourth of an inch. You may find that striking up a conversation helps the appointment feel less awkward. It’s best to ask the person applying the wax if they recommend any creams to apply afterward. A Brazilian wax helps women save valuable and effort it takes to keep the bikini area smooth.

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