How to Get Engaged the Right Way – The Ring


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Millions of people get married every year. Some have fancy engagement parties with family and friends, some get engaged in very public ways, and others tie the knot with not much of a to-do about any of it. If you are considering popping the big question and getting engaged, here are some tips to make sure you seal the deal.

If you are planning to get down on one knee in the middle of Dodgers Stadium during the 7th inning stretch, please reconsider. Just a small 3% of women want their engagement to happen in front of a big crowd. Make sure if this is your plan, that you have really thought it through. Does your partner like to be the center of attention? Is baseball one of her favorite things? Is it her dream to be on the JumboTron at the stadium or yours? The engagement is about both of you, of course, but if you want them to say “Yes,” you should make sure you have considered their wants.

Some partners want you to go with them to pick out the engagement rings. Others want it to be a complete surprise. This can be challenging when you don’t know what to get. In this case, consider using the expertise of a custom jeweler or custom jewelry designer. They know the right questions to ask to figure out what your future spouse will like.

More than 50% of brides say they would be willing to have a colored stone much like Halle Barry and Jessica Simpson have in theirs. Sapphire, emerald, onyx, and Ruby are always popular choices for colored stones and make outstanding bridal jewelry.

While 75% of brides get rings with the traditional gold and diamonds, new metals are coming on the market every day. A custom jeweler can show you the latest trends in metals and which stones work best with each.

Timing is everything with your engagement. Over 40% of women prefer and engagement that lasts over a year and up to 18 months. This could be due to the fact that planning a proper wedding takes time. No one wants to plan the wedding of their dreams in 3 months. Consider which month you both want to get married and plan your engagement accordingly.

Now that you’re ready to pop the question – you have the custom jewelry, you’ve planned out the timing, and you have the perfect scene – ask with confidence and get ready for smiles, tears of joy, and celebrating your engagement. Then it is back to the custom jeweler for wedding bands, bridal party jewelry, and wedding day gifts.

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