The Most Popular, And Surprising, Fashion Accessory Among American Millennials


Mens wooden watch

Accessories are the perfect touch-up for any outfit. Not convinced? Think back to the last time you looked at someone’s ensemble while at a party or get-together. What really caught your eye? Was it a stylish hat that complimented their hair? How about a beautiful necklace or bracelet that completed their dress? When it comes down to it, it helps reduce stress and increase self-esteem both when you have an accessory to rely on. Wooden watches wholesale have found a popular spot in many a fashionista’s heart, lending an air of class to any ensemble be it casual or fancy.

How Long Have Watches Been Around?

Watches are an old-fashioned accessory with a long history. Sustainable accessories are just a modern version of an old landmark. The wristwatch was originally invented by Patek Phillipe all the way back in the mid 1850’s. Originally called the ‘Platinum Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch’, it sold for a stunning $3 million just a few years back at the Christies auction. He was not the pioneer, however, as devices that tell time were created by Egyptians all the way back to 1500 B.C. Sundials would measure time by how shadow fell in sections across a marked area, with water clocks used later.

How Many People Buy Watches?

Think watches aren’t a popular purchase? Let’s take a look at some statistics. Watches have remained quite popular for Americans of all backgrounds, ages and budgets, with over 85% of American adults owning at least one. There are many styles of watch turned to, but wooden watches wholesale have remained a consistent popularity for their style and class. Nearly 30% of respondents to a survey said they wear wrist watches strictly for fashion, though this number has increased among those in the early 20’s crowd.

What Do People Look For In Watches?

A watch is both functionality and form. It’s meant to give you a quick way to tell the time as well as a stylish accessory to top off any outfit. Wooden wrist watches come in beautiful colors, from warm mahogany to deeper browns, perfect for adding a neutral compliment to any color scheme you can imagine. A recent survey saw the majority of shoppers at 60% expressing an interest in the Apparel Sustainability Rating. This is a useful resource for those that want their product to last a long time.

What Is The Apparel Sustainability Rating?

For those worried about where their money is going to, the Apparel Sustainability Rating can help. This is a fantastic resource to better clue you in on the materials you’re investing in, giving you a better idea of the longevity of your accessories. One in three customers who don’t consider sustainability in their apparel said they didn’t buy sustainable brands because it wasn’t available, while another one in four said they didn’t know where to start. When looking for wooden watches wholesale or additional items, this can lead you in the right direction.

What Kind Of Watch Suits Me Best?

When you piece together a suit or toss on a nice sweater and jeans, you’ll want to look your best wherever you go. Sustainable products are a wonderful choice that help the environment and bolster your self-esteem all in one fell swoop. Millennials, in particular, have been found to be the most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings. Three out of four respondents to a survey said they would take extra care to make sure their purchases were eco-friendly. While there are plenty of options to choose from, natural wood watches are a good place to start. Give each outfit a little extra touch-up this year. Look into wooden wrist watches from sustainable brands.

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