How to Pull Yourself Out of a Fashion Rut


Sixty percent of all women struggle to put together a cute new look everyday. If you find yourself in a fashion rut, where everything seems tired or overdone, it may be time to get back to the basics. Here are a few ways to have a fashion reset as we transition into fall.

Don’t be Afraid of Jeans and a Tee Shirt

The classic American tee shirt and jeans look has endured for a reason: it works for everyone in social situations. If you find it hard to put together an eye catching outfit, go back to your roots. Wear jeans with a drapey jersey knit shirt with booties and dangly earrings or a longline necklace to look effortlessly chic. Tee shirts are also the perfect blank canvas, around which you can build a hundred new outfits. Try a slouchy graphic tee with a backwards pony cap for a street-style feel, or wear your tee with an otherwise dressed-up skirt for a chill, off-duty look. Don’t be afraid to play!

Experiment with Layers for Cooler Weather

Speaking of play, fall is the perfect time to layer your summer and winter pieces. Wear a graphic tee shirt with a trench coat, shorts, black tights, and ballet flats. Pile warm scarves, sweaters, and boots over your favorite summer dress. Now is the time to try those off-the-wall clothing combinations that you wouldn’t have done at any other time of the year.

Invest in Great Cold Weather Accessories

Ultimately, the accessories make the outfit. A red knit hat gives any outfit a pop of color, but any other knit caps (berets or ponytail caps, perhaps?) can keep your head warm and give your outfit that signature Something. Scarves, boots, and gloves have the benefit of keeping you warm while also allowing you to make a statement. You could wear nothing but jeans and white shirts, only change your scarves and hats, and have a completely different vibe every day.

Use your boring wardrobe as a springboard to try new combinations. Try a French tuck, if you haven’t before. Wear your favorite tee shirt with your favorite skirt and favorite rain boots. Who’s going to stop you?

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