Is Men’s Clothing Actually Less Creative Than Women’s?


It is absolutely no secret that the fashion industry thrives every year. Considering that the fashion industry is expected to grow to more than 1.2 billion dollars by 2020. Men’s representation in the fashion industry makes up for #87 billion dollars of it. But what exactly does men’s fashion consist of? Is it all denim jeans, leather jackets and a polo shirt for men? Or is there more that can be counted in this as well? There has to be more that makes men’s clothing unique. Considering that the employment of fashion designers is projected to grow by 3% by 2026 perhaps we should be looking further into what makes the male fashion industry tick. What gives these innovative designers their identity – a polo shirt for men and beyond.

Fashion for men is a mystery. With their designer shoes and denim jackets it seems as if they have everything figured out simple while women struggle to match everything together. Why is it so easy for guys? Why is their creativity just handed to them? Maybe it is in fact not as simple as we seem to think it is, maybe a men’s designer boutique is more complicated than we think it is.

Classic menswear is comprised of numerous designers who put their all into their textiles, tailoring even polo shirt for men into something that is going to be comfortable but still appealing for a guy who goes from a golf club to shooting hoops on a court. Men’s fashions have the requirement to not only be expressive but to as well be accessible to a guy’s daily activities. With so many different mods that guys have to be in men’s clothing needs to be able to reflect this. This is why a simple polo shirt and slacks are not as simple as most people seem to think they are.

Although fashion is something that we mostly relate to women, it doesn’t mean that the same care that is taken with women’s fashion is not also taken when it comes to means clothes. With great designers out there of both genders there are a few and growing who only make means clothing. These innovative designers are always pushing boundaries and making it so that the same old polo shirt for men are not the standard in men’s clothing. The clothing industry has come a long say from where we once stood only putting men in polo’s and kakis. The next time you’re in a clothing store, do yourself a favor and head to the men’s section, you’ll be surprised the difference you see there, the industry is not the same as it was when your grandparents were young. This is something to be very grateful for.

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