How to Wear Summer Boots With Any Outfit


Everyone has a favorite pair of boots, but figuring out an outfit to wear with them during the summer can be tricky. Keep reading to learn how you can make any of your favorite boots summer boots and what to wear with them.

First, say you have beige or sand-colored boots that you want to be summer boots. You can wear these with shorts of a similar color, like a light sand color, and a shirt to contrast.

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A good option for a shirt would be denim or dark blue. You could also opt for white or tan. Either option will give you a really solid look.

Dark down boots you can wear year-round, especially in the summer. When you wear dark brown summer boots, go for jeans that are lighter in color, ripped, or distressed. Pair them with a white button-down. This gives a bright and breezy look.

To make grey boots summer boots is also fairly easy. Just wear light-colored pants such as a khaki color, and pair this with a nice summery shirt like a floral short sleeve shirt.

Watch the video above to learn more!


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