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Diamond rings buying advice

Diamonds are the most appealing piece of jewelry on earth. They are beautiful and rare, and their practical uses are limited.

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These pieces are a symbol of longevity, which has influence many people purchasing decisions. Many couples are opting for one carat as the benchmark size for their engagement ring. How will you determine that you will get the best deal for your money? Here are steps on how to make the most of your budget when buying a diamond engagement ring.

Find the right style for your engagement ring

It is advisable to have a perfect idea of how you will want the final ring to look like before finding a diamond center stone. This will enable you to do your calculations and subtract the ring’s cost from the total cost to arrive at the budget for the stone.

Any style will look good for a one-carat diamond ring. If you consider a solitaire to appear more extensive, you might want to consider a thin band. Consider a halo setting if you would wish to have more sparkle.

Consider different diamond shapes

You can check other diamond shapes if a round shape is not appealing to you. Average prices for fancy-shaped diamonds are usually up to 43% less than the round ones, and you will save a lot of cash.

The most popular ones are the princess cut diamonds. Many people fancy them because of their oval and pear shapes, making a finger look thinner and longer. Whichever shape you choose, ensure you read the cut quality for that shape because laboratories usually don’t grade cuts for fancy shapes.

Limit your options to the best cut

There are so many options to choose from for purchase. The right ones will require you to limit your choices before anything else. The cut of a diamond is an essential factor for its beauty. A fantastic cut helps hide colors in the lower grades. Better yet, a well-cut diamond will intensify the sparkles, which makes it appear larger. If your budget is tight, sacrifice on color, clarity, or even carat but don’t compromise on a cut since it will leave you with an unimpressive ring.

Find the best color grade

Color grade usually has a significant impact on the diamond price. It best to get the lowest color grade, which will still appear white in the jewelry setting you choose and get the most for your money.

Consider lower clarity grades

The highest clarity grades usually add cost without adding any value. You will not need a flawless stone with a one-carat diamond. You can narrow on color and cut, but consider clarity diamonds, which are eye- clean, and one can zoom out from the highest magnified view. You can consult an expert for more clarity.

Find the sparkliest one

When you look at a diamond video closely, you will want to find one with the best sparkle. Find one that has a good mixture of color flashes and brilliance. Compare several before you settle for excellent polish symmetry.

When buying a diamond ring, Ensure uses a trusted jeweler with magnified videos of the diamond you are buying.


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