Online Shopping Magazines Can Be Dangerous to Your Debt


Shopping magazines

I absolutely love shopping magazines. There is nothing better to flip through when you get your hair or toes done. My fingers used to get so inky from all the pages. I would dog ear anything that I thoguht about buying my children or my husband. In fact, that was my primary mode of Christmas shopping.

Now, I can flip through online shopping magazines on my iPad. Those are a little dangerous though, because they have direct links to items and you might run up a credit card bill.

But my one saving grace from having wracked up a ton of debt is that I bought items from a smart shopping magazine. So I bought about three times the amount of things that I would have gotten from other shopping magazines. The value of my purchases definitely outweighed the stress over my debt.

But now I am curious. Have any readers out there perused any good shopping magazines. What ones? What did you get? ow much was it all? Tell me! I would love to hear your stories and experiences in the comments.

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