The Brave New World of Shopping


Shopping magazine

We live in a brave new world of shopping. With the advent of online browsing, email subscription lists, and social media, the possibilities available to the average modern shopper would be nearly unrecognizable to our shopping ancestors of the 70s and 80s. And as nearly all of the major manufacturers, clothing houses, and fashion gurus maintain a strong web presence, the value of online smart shopping magazines is virtually unquantifiable.

First and foremost, online shopping magazines just make shopping easier. You can sift through the selections of thousands of fashion stores and warehouses, sorting everything according to your size, your color preference, your price range, or your brand of choice. Personalization is the hallmark of any smart shopping magazine… that, of course, is what makes them “smart”. And every magazine site can personalize your account, so that your preferences, profile, and payment info are saved for your next visit.

Because there WILL be a next visit. Shopping online means getting the latest fashions, as they hit the scene. No more waiting for hard copy publication dates or television coverage of runway shows. And subscribing to RSS feeds and email updates keeps you in the loop for the latest look. So bookmark that smart shopping magazine and keep it handy on your desktop, because you will be coming back again and again.

And you can share your finds with your friends right away. No more waiting until that perfect purse or clever clutch (that you got on sale!) arrives at your door. Most sites let you post your new treasures instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a host of others, so your friends can scope out your new look before you even have a chance to wear it in public.

The shopping world has come a long way since paper catalogs and circulars. Just remember, with great shopping power comes great shopping responsibility. You have, literally at your fingertips, the means to stay on the very cusp of fashion and style. Shop well, shop often, and shop smart.

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