Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding Planner


Rehearsal dinner

Your wedding reception is possibly the largest party you’ll ever throw, and arguably one of the most important. Like any good party, you want there to be food, fun, and a lot of dancing. Planning a wedding can be stressful, however, and wedding receptions are like no other party due to their size and circumstance. Fortunately, event planners can help you to plan the perfect wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, with as little stress as possible.

When considering your wedding, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of party you like. Perhaps you aren’t a party person, and would prefer a more laid back brunch wedding. 16% of weddings, after all, are held in the morning. The vast majority, over 50%, however, occur in the afternoon, with the reception going on into the night. This is a popular choice because most wedding receptions begin around dinner time, and allow for the party to start off with a much needed meal (particularly for the bridal party, who have been the busiest of all wedding goers). Choosing a date for the wedding is also important, because you want to choose a date with significance that also fits your schedule. The majority of weddings take place on the weekend, totaling nearly 45,000 every single weekend. It is also common to get married in the early fall, either September or October, because in most climates it is usually nice weather. Not too hot but not too cold, easy to take outdoor pictures in.

Once you’ve decided what time to begin your wedding at, you need to consider the venue. While many venues have a space for a ceremony and reception both, many couples choose to hold the ceremony in one place and the reception in the other. This is particularly common for religious ceremonies, as religious buildings may not be the appropriate size for a reception (depending on the size of the wedding). Many brides and grooms are looking for a venue to uniquely reflect their personality and set the tone for their wedding and reception. For example, popular venues include banquet halls, wineries, and orchards. Some people have even chosen to have their wedding in an aquarium or museum. Once you’ve decided on the venue of your dreams, it’s crucial that you reserve your date as soon as possible. Event planners recommend reserving wedding events and wedding reception at least nine months in advance, if not sooner.

Food is also an important consideration, particularly so if your ceremony will coincide with dinner hours. Many soon to be brides and grooms – over half – prioritize excellent food as something necessary for their wedding. Excellent food can help to set the tone for the party to come, though it is important to consider any dietary restrictions your guests might have. Providing allergy information and offering a meat free entree are two easy ways to accommodate for as many guests as possible. You might choose a buffet set up for your dinner service as well, which allows guests more options for their meals.

No matter what you envision for your dream wedding, hiring an event planner can help the planning process go as smoothly as possible. From food to venue to dress, there’s a lot to consider when arranging the details for your wedding. Regardless, however, you want it to be the best party of your life.

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