Safety Gear is Designed for Protection


E-a-r ear plugs

For those who put safety first, there are a myriad of products out there to help keep people protected and out of harm’s way. From high visibility jackets and reflective running gear to construction cones, 1st aid kits to safety glasses z87, these products and tools are manufactured for the purposes of keeping people safe, whether they are at work, at play, or in every day situations.

Construction cones, the well known, bright orange cones that are highly visible during the day or at night, are made to designate certain areas. They are used on construction sites, and also for home use to keep people at bay, or protect people working inside the construction cones markers.

Those who are avid runners (and even those who just enjoy walking and being outside) have the option of wearing reflective gear, which is designed to provide high visibility to those in vehicles. Those that choose to wear reflective clothing, such as shirts, jackets, sneakers and hats, are visible to traffic, because it’s not never convenient or safe to run inside the lines of construction cones!

Those who work in construction fields may truly understand the importance of job safety. Construction workers are required to wear safety gear such as Bullard hard hats and possibly E A R ear plugs, which come in a variety of styles and are great for wear and protection at work. They also use construction cones while on the job to notify traffic that construction is underway or that an area is unsafe for traffic.
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  1. I used those orange construction cones when I was teaching my daughter how to ice skate. Because they are hard to tip but slide well on ice, they made great buoys!

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