The Basics of Choosing Tactical Boots


This video is about the things to consider when looking for the right tactical boots. The presenter, an experienced soldier, gives his take on fitment, socks, and whether you should go with leather or synthetic boots.

One important thing stated up front is that the fit is different from company to company. This is important to know, as getting the right fit with tactical boots is absolutely crucial.

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The presenter gives a couple of examples and explains that each company has a different model foot, so what may be normal for one, would be wide or narrow for another. If you find a boot that fits you perfectly, you likely want to stick with that one when you need another pair.

The way that you lace the boots up is also important. Just because the foot is the right size and shape doesn’t mean that there is more customization needed along the ankle and lower leg. It’s helpful to learn different ways to lace boots up and in which areas they should be looser or tighter for you.

The debate about leather or synthetic depends on weather and terrain. This video helps you understand what will be best for your needs.


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