3 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Pop Up Shop Event


With jobs sent overseas or completed by entrepreneurs, this has become a gig society. Side hustles are a thing. One of those might be supplying pop-up shops with a porta potty rental in Vancouver, WA. While Destiny Adams explains what to do before, during, and after pop-up shop events, let’s examine why a pop-up shop is a great side hustle.

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While Destiny explains the research you’ll do before opening your pop-up shop, you’ll hit the highest foot traffic areas with yours. It will catch the eye of more people. They know you won’t be there long, so there’s a sense of urgency to buy your wares.

Now that Destiny’s explaining networking during your pop-up shop event, you’ll be exploring a personal connection with your customers. E-commerce is nice, but people seek human interaction. As people get to know you, they’ll be more loyal to your e-commerce offers.

As Destiny explains following up after a pop-up shop event, you’ll be growing your brand. Your brand is all you offer, so consumers will be eager to explore it as opposed to multiple brands at the mall.

Pop-up shops are fast becoming the newest retail rage with quite a few benefits for the operator.


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