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Since the first half of the 20th century, sunglasses have been as much a fashion statement as a sun protection accessory. Years before Corey Hart was tripping over his nightstand to look cool, celebrities from Carey Grant to Andy Warhol were sporting the trendiest shades of their time. Today, a pair of aviators or wayfarers are standard issue for anyone who wants to look hip, cool, and, perhaps, for protection from the sun, as well.

In the past, if an individual accidentally damaged their sunglasses lenses, the only practical choice was to replace them with a new pair. However, it can be costly to spend 300 bucks on a new pair of Ray Bans or Oakleys, only to discard them simply because you don’t know how to fix scratched sunglass lenses. Fortunately, it is possible to get those expensive sunglasses by replacing scratched sunglass lenses.

For most people, saving their perfectly good designer frames is a matter of practicality and saving money. If something can be repaired for a fraction of the cost to replace it, would it not be wiser to have it fixed? Therefore, if you damage the lenses of your expensive Oakleys or Ray Bans, you can simply order replacement Oakley lenses or Ray Ban lens replacements online.

If you don’t know how to measure Ray Ban lens size or Oakley lens size, all of the necessary information can be found online. Additionally, you might decide to buy polarized replacement lenses, after learning how polarized lenses filter UV rays. Basically, all of the essential information will be provided to you.

Retail statistics show that Americans, alone, purchased nearly 96 million pairs of sunglasses during 2012. Perhaps the biggest reason that over 300 million pairs of sunglasses are sold each year is because a pair of sunglasses is broken or lost every 14 minutes; and each year more than 55 percent of people who wear sunglasses break them. If this happens, you can just go online and order new lenses that are affordable.

While the sunglasses industry probably stands to lose on this, their loss is your gain. All you have to do is know how to measure Ray Ban lens size or Oakley lens size and you’re golden. If you are not confident about measuring or installing new lenses, you also have the option of sending in your lenses, and the repair shop will do the rest.
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