Yes, You Saw It Correctly Those Were Pink Camouflage Scrubs


Military camouflage clothing

OK, what would you say to seeing your health care professional wearing pink camouflage scrubs? You might actually get a chuckle or two out of it; however, pink camouflage scrubs and other camo clothing are becoming increasingly popular.

We know that there are many instances of camouflage being used in the natural world. For instance, the flat tail horned lizard uses natural camouflage to match its skin to its surroundings in order to confuse predators. Pink camouflage scrubs are probably not used to allow those medical professionals to blend in.

During World War II, there were several different patterns of camouflage developed to help disguise the American military forces. In fact, in 1942, two artists, Grant Wood and Jacques Villon, created the patterns that were widely used for U.S. military camouflage.

Currently, we know that camouflage clothing is very popular among hunting enthusiasts for both hunting, as well as to make a fashion statement. However, did you know that many couples are embrace camouflage as part of their wedding themes? These can include camo wedding dresses, decorations, and tuxedoes.

As you can imagine if there are camo weddings, pink camouflage scrubs are not that far fetched. In fact, in addition to pink camouflage scrubs, you can find all sorts of interesting uses of camo. You can find baby girl camo clothes, camo bedding for kids, and of course, camo bench seat covers for that hunting vehicle.

Now, you might be asking about the color of pink camouflage scrubs. Sure, we all think of blacks, browns, and greens when we consider camouflage patterns. Well, today you can find camo in all sorts of colors such as blue camouflage and purple camo, to accompany those pink camouflage scrubs.

You can even find camo prom clothing in bold, bright colors. These outfits are certain to stand out in the crowd, as does pink camouflage scrubs. Just think of all the options that would go along with wearing any type of camo clothing for men or women.

While pink camouflage scrubs are usually considered functional, you can also see how they could be making a fashion statement. So, the next time you see your nurse or doctor in purple or pink camouflage scrubs, you may understand that they may be making a fashion statement.

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