Tips for Picking out the Right Rock Climbing Clothing


As it is with most sports, you are always required to have the right gear for that specific sport. The problem is that most people and especially beginners have little information on where to start in terms of adventure clothing as well as adventure gear. With many outdoor sports being a challenge and sometimes dangerous, you need to have the right for the task ahead. Over the years, rock climbing has grown in popularity with the number of hiking enthusiasts growing by the day. For you to enjoy rock climbing, you need to have with you the necessary rock climbing equipment such as climbing shoes, harness and chalk for a stronger grip. It is important to understand how costly rock climbing gear is doesn’t automatically mean that it is the best rock climbing gear. Everything comes down to your climbing style. While so many people put emphasis on the rock climbing equipment, the clothes you wear will ultimately determine whether you will enjoy the experience. Here are tips on how to pick the right clothes for rock climbing.

Consider the Weather Conditions
Different sporting goods are designed for different weather conditions and especially if you participate in outdoor activities. Apart from rock climbing equipment, make sure that the clothes you put on will resonate with the weather that you are likely to encounter. You can use the past history of a certain area to make a sound judgment on the expected weather conditions. Before you head out for a rock climbing experience, the weather can either be sunny, cloudy or you may encounter some rainy shower. Study the weather patterns before heading out because if you are too overdressed for rock climbing, you will hardly enjoy the sport.

Consider the Materials Used
There are certain garments specially made for certain sports such that you don’t suffer discomfort in the course of your activity. The rock climbing equipment is meant to act as accessories during the climb. These are climbing shoes, helmet and harness. Take for example shoes, there are shoes specifically designed for rock climbing and hiking. In terms of design, you will find that these shoes are made to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. The task of climbing rocks is highly involving and any discomfort during the climb could be catastrophic. You should also consider clothes that can stretch since the act of climbing will require a lot of bending especially near the joints. If you wear non-elastic clothes, you could end up with several scratches and bruises near the joints as a result of scrape from abrasive surfaces of the cloth.

Pants or Shorts
Whereas this is a personal choice, there are a few things that could guide you on what to pick in relation to pants or shorts. If you are an experienced rock climber, it means you don’t have to worry so much about cuts from sharp stone surface. Shorts allow for more flexibility during the climb. You will frequently be required to bend your knees and in some instances at very extreme angles. For beginners, a pair of pants does not mean that you will not enjoy the experience. However, pants can protect your knees from cuts caused by rough surfaces during the climb. You can get specialized sports good and equipment from a sporting store near you.

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