Using Better Grocery Bags


The concept of bags and totes (along with baskets) goes far back, and today, wholesale bags and totes are made from modern materials ranging from plastic to heavy nylon gift tote bags or cotton tote bags wholesale and regular alike. Wholesale cotton totes and similar wholesale bags and totes may be offered by many grocery stores today as an alternative to plastic bags, which are coming under heavy criticism for polluting the natural environment. Modern wholesale bags and totes may take different forms for different loads or situations, and they can be quite convenient. Even weddings call for tote bags for carrying supplies or delivering gifts to the guests. What sort of bag might be used?

Replacing Plastic Bags

Many wholesale bags and totes today are plastic, and they are mass-produced and used widely because they are cheap to produce and buy wholesale and a lot of them can be fitted into one grocery store. Many shoppers find themselves being asked “paper or plastic?” at the checkout line, and when plastic is chosen, anywhere from one to dozens of plastic bags may be used for carrying the shopper’s groceries. While these bags do carry out their intended purpose of being convenient and cost-friendly, they are also a major source of pollution, and many stores are searching for ways to replace them with other bag types. Many Americans may cut back on their use of such bags, meaning that far fewer will have the chance to clog landfills or end up polluting the natural environment. Just one person who uses reusable bags in place of plastic ones may prevent 22,000 plastic bags from entering the environment. Just one such bag may be used in place of around 700 plastic bags, and this can add up fast if enough Americans are making the switch.

It has been found that every year, some one trillion plastic bags (single use ones) are used, which adds up to two million every single minute. The problem is that these countless bags are polluting the world’s oceans, and they are known for choking, strangling, or starving wild animals who eat them or get caught in them. Whales and other animals may mistake the bags for jellyfish and eat them, and such bags take up space in their stomachs and prevent them from eating real food. Many dead marine animals have been found with plastic bags in their stomachs. The good news is that modern wholesale bags and totes are often made of nylon and similar materials, and they can be recycled later. In the meantime, a user is not using up any plastic bags at all, and many grocery stores now offer such bags for their customers. Another benefit to these wholesale bags and totes is that they are tougher and stronger than thin plastic bags, allowing them to carry heavy and hard objects without tearing so easily. In fact, some heavy groceries need to be double-bagged with plastic bags, making the pollution problem worse. Nylon bags prevent that, and enough Americans using such bags may prevent tens of millions of plastic bags from ending up in the world’s oceans.

Other Bags

Not only may a customer get these nylon bags from their grocery store to replace plastic bags, but other specialized bags may be used, too. For picnics or other food delivery, a person may use cooler bags, which have the right insulation materials to keep cold food and drinks inside in good condition. This may prove popular for carrying wine, for example, and wine totes are a common sight. And like with nylon bags, wine totes and other cooler bags are tough and won’t tear or get holes as easily as thin plastic bags. Such bags may also come with touch and convenient carrying or shoulder straps, too.

Smaller bags may be used for gift-giving, and it’s not uncommon for a wedding party to give many bagged gifts to the wedding guests. Simple plastic bags won’t do here; rather, nylon or fabric bags may be used for holding anything from chocolates to wine bottles to decorative items, and the bags are not only tough enough to carry these items but can be customized and decorated. Such gift bags may have sewn patterns, lace, beads, or other flair on them.

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