What Does a Preschool Classroom Have?


This video talks about one of the top preschool sites and what that site has inside the classroom for the children. Parents should always visit a preschool and go on a tour of the facility before choosing where they will send their kids for learning and care.

One section of the room is dedicated to cubbies with different block-type toys in them.

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The teacher calls that area the “block” area. The children have access to building blocks and other fun stacking toys that they can use to create towers, houses, and other items. The teacher got different cubby holders and boxes from various toy and department stores. She was able to get high-quality products that held the toys inside of them perfectly until it was time for the children to play again.

There’s also a little reading area in the middle of the room with chairs for the children and a table and sofa for the teacher. The children can go there and have their reading hour, during which the kids hear a story read to them by their teacher. There’s also another area in the room where the kids can pretend to cook things with a little cooking set.

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