Whats the Best Foundation For Your Skin?


Whether you are an avid makeup lover or simply use a few products here and there, you have probably tried your fair share of skin-toned foundations. The main purpose of a foundation is just like it sounds, to provide a natural foundation for other products like blush, concealer, and contour to stick to. Foundation application can come in a variety of forms.

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Using a beauty blender or a blending sponge is one of the most popular techniques, but powder blushes are also available in most stores. So, which foundation is perfect for your skin? In this video, a creator counts down her favorite foundations and what they like about them. Let’s get started!

While this list has ten quality foundations, some work better for different skin types. The Dior foundation, for example, works on either dry or oily skin. For acne scarring, the reviews recommend Born This Way foundation. Colourpop’s Pretty Fresh is recommended for sensitive skin, and works best on oily or combination skin types. The top recommended foundation on this list is the Infallible foundation by L’Oreal. Customers love this product, even if it is a common drugstore brand.


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