Why Women Need Beauty Salons


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Women are pretty picky about their hair and they choose their beauty salons and their hair stylists very carefully. Whether it be for a cut, a different style or even a different color, women frequently experiment with and change these things along with the changes is their life.

For instance, about one-third of women make one of these changes to their hair after a breakup or a divorce. Is it time for a new beginning? Sixteen percent go for a cut or color, or new style after a significant birthday. And 15 percent indulge in a new look either before giving birth to a child or after. Such a change can be a real pick me up, and beauty salons play a big part in this.

If you are contemplating some of these changes, know that professional hair coloring, even if at a local beauty salon, is important. Consult your hair dresser first. Fifty-six percent of women do, and you should be no exception. Hair coloring can be risky business and you want a hair coloring salon and hair stylist who knows what they are doing.

If done right, a change in hair style or color can be a real boost to self-esteem. Sixty-nine percent of women report that they feel much better about themselves after having their hair colored at beauty salons, particularly professional hair coloring. Many changed their style, about 61 percent, just to create a bright change in their look. And even 38 percent chose to create a change in style just to create personal confidence. You can do it too!

With over 210,000 beauty salons in the United States, there are an ample number of hair dressers and hair stylists to meet your need. Almost every woman takes the plunge at some point or another. Research shows that the average woman between the age of 13 and 65 will have her hair either restyled, cut or colored about twice a year, which comes out to be about 104 times a year. That?s a lot of hair of beauty salons and hair dressers! You are sure to find the one that is right for you!

Of course, this can take some experimenting to find the right hair stylist, the right beauty salon and the right color for your hair. Many women go through this trial and error. In fact, most women try over three different hair colors over the years, and a lot of them, one in four, change colors five times. Although this can bring on the successes, three-fourths of women have regretted at least one hair style of color in their life, so it pays to keep on moving.

Whether you are going for that landmark birthday look, the spring back after the divorce or just the new you look, choose your hair coloring salon and hair dresser from among professional hair coloring hair stylists, and go for it!

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