Have Your New Company Logo Printed on a Promotional T-Shirt


Promotional t shirts

Were you aware that T-shirts are worn by 95% of people in the United States? If you’re looking for a custom T shirt printing service, then you are probably well-aware of this.

When you want to get the word out on one or more of your products and/or services, promotional T-shirts, along with other items such as promotional tote bags, are a popular and effective medium for doing so.

It appears that no matter what age, gender, occupation, or other demographic category an individual might fill, you will see her or him wearing some type of T-shirt. In fact, a recent poll found that regardless of gender, the proverbial average American has over ten T-shirts in their closets or dressers.

More men tend to own over ten T-shirts than women, however, according to the above poll. It was found that 70% of men owned more than ten, while 54% of women owned more than ten.

Between the years of 2009-to-2014, the T-shirt industry experienced over 24.2% growth. In 2011, for example, promotional product revenues were approximately $18.5 billion. In 2012, wearable promotional products comprised 28.9% of total product sales.

The best-selling wearable promotional products were for the following items:

    Golf shirts

Once you’ve decided what to have printed, or compressed, onto your business or organization’s promotional products, you definitely want to choose quality T shirts for printing. Cotton, rather than a synthetic fiber, is really the best choice. It is easy care for, durable, and even more important, soft and comfortable.

While promo T shirts can have simple logos and slogans printed on them, you may have something more elaborate in mind. It’s important to note that aT shirt printing service can also provide you with creative screen printing solutions.

Just imagine everyone at your next corporate team-building workshop wearing a promotional T shirt. You could also have “Casual Fridays” where employees are encouraged to wear the company T.

When it comes to promoting an upcoming public event, such as a fundraiser, career fair, or entertainment venue, you can sell these custom T-shirts and other promotional products at a designated table.

Since nine-out-of-ten people in the United States have a sentimental T-shirt that they won’t throw away, don’t you want that T-shirt to bear your logo or design? This is a great source for more.

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