Sporting Goods Stores Are a Great Place to Complete Your Holiday Shopping List


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In an effort to make this year’s Christmas shopping easier, you are determined to buy the majority of your gifts at a single store. After careful consideration of your list, you have decided that since so many of the people you are buying for are in high school and college that you will settle on the sporting store that your two daughters like the most.

The fact that your oldest daughter is a college gymnast means that there is always something that she likes that has to do with working out.
Your younger daughter likes to be very dressed up every day that she goes to school, but enjoys running a couple of miles every day after school and longer distances on weekends. She, too, has a long list of both athletic items and more dressy clothes that are available at the same sporting store.
Your husband loves to play golf; your father likes to fish; your step mom likes rustic home decorations. All of these items are found at the large sporting goods store that your girls like the most. Your family jokes, in fact, that with the rock climbing wall in the store and the archery shop and shooting range, as well as a restaurant on site, your family jokes that you could spend an entire weekend in this one store.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the many reasons that Americans might find themselves looking for the items that they want most at a sporting goods store:

  • $1.8 billion is the average amount of consumer spending on camping equipment in America each year.
  • 67% of camping participants indicate that they take most of their trips to public campgrounds in the year 2012. As a result, many of these campers could use extra supplies as they visit public campgrounds that may not have a lot of extras.
  • 4.97 was the average number of camping trips campers took in the year 2012.
  • 70% of all camping trips are taken with friends, so many of these participants like to have yard games and other items to help pass the time of day.

You may not always be able to complete all of your holiday shopping at one store, but if you do there is a pretty good chance that you can find at least one thing that everyone on your list might really like.
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