The Top Five Tips For Throwing A Successful Wedding, Birthday Party Or Corporate Event


Where to rent table linens for weddings

What’s the secret to a successful fundraiser, baby shower or wedding reception? It’s all in the rentals. Buying instead of renting is a stressful process, as you not only have to consider what will be right for the birthday party you’re planning but what you’re going to do with all the equipment once it’s over! Party linens rentals, chair covers for weddings and tablecloth rentals have you covered. They’re a more economical and clever way of getting all the elements you need without overextending your budget, allowing you to craft beautiful spaces and fun dance locations with a quick perusal. Before you look on where to rent table linens, check out the top five list below on how to make sure your event is a success.

Stay Up-To-Date On The Latest Wedding Trends

Weddings are a beautiful occasion. Let’s make sure the surroundings reflect that! Studies show an average of 44,230 weddings take place every single weekend. The majority are also officiated by either a friend or a family member rather than a professional. Linens for weddings are a useful tool to give you peace-of-mind, as many weddings have partying, dancing and lots of eating. You can keep your chairs clean, your floors safe and still have time to let loose after a long week of planning!

Don’t Add On Unnecessary Stress

Did you know half of all women who plan their wedding find it much more stressful than they originally imagined? Some reports even saw some spending 11 hours or more each week planning the catering, events and design elements! When you look on where to rent table linens you’re looking for ways to reduce your stress and give you a little control over a very large and impressive celebration. These can be used on tables, chairs and counters, with a plethora of colors and patterns to fit any theme.

Check Your Guest Count

How many guests will be at your wedding or birthday party? You’ll want to know ahead of time so you can figure out not just where to rent table linens, but how many you’ll need. Nearly 50% of all couples will spend way more on their celebration than they originally budgeted for. Consider that the average number of wedding guests is at around 165, composed of family, friends, relatives and friends of friends. Birthday parties? Often smaller…at least, if you don’t count sweet sixteens. These celebrations are known for being bombastic and quite large. All in all, a little foresight goes a long way!

Always Record Allergies And Alternative Diets

A commonly overlooked element of any wedding, birthday party or corporate event is overlooking allergies, alternative diets and intolerances. Since these can range from a minor reaction to a life-threatening issue, you’ll want to double-check with all of your guests to make sure they’ll be safe the entire evening. Common allergies include tree nuts and fish. Common alternative diets see some not eating red meats or poultry. Common intolerances include gluten and dairy.

Rent, Don’t Buy, Your Party Equipment

When you want to reduce the stress that comes with organizing, planning, calling, scheduling, designing and officiating an event, you’ll want to rent rather than buy. Table linen rentals are a wonderful way to mix and match while remaining cleanly and thrifty, giving you the best of all worlds no matter how big or small the function is. Linen can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture while still feeling dry, remaining the strongest of all the vegetable fibers even compared to cotton. Look on where to rent table linens next time you have an event to throw. Your blood pressure will thank you!

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