Watches Are Still Incredible – This is Why


Until just recently, watches have long been a symbol of professionalism and importance. Social standing could be surmised by the type of watch that a man was wearing. Watches were often one of the most crucial if not the most crucial part of one’s attire. Before smartphones, watches were instrumental in making sure appointments were met and everything ran smoothly. Without watches, punctuality would go down the drain.

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Now that there are so many alternatives, one would expect watches to go nearly extinct. Yet, this is not the case. Watch this video to find out why.

Our modern day world is filled with disposable products that are used for a short amount of time, and disposed in the next. It is no wonder why our landfills are overflowing. Yet, watches are the complete antithesis of this philosophy. They were built to last a long time. In fact, many last for generations. This is why father often used to pass their watch onto their eldest child. The durable nature of watches is a refreshing breath of fresh air in our modern times. It also doesn’t hurt when some of the nicer watches incorporate real diamonds. Watches aren’t simply old. They are sustainable. Maybe the durability of watches will inspire sustainable products.


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