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Interior Design Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2017

Written by Shopping Magazine on December 30, 2016. Posted in Leather upholstery, Modern couches los angeles, Modern italian furniture los angeles

Modern sofa los angeles

The new year is here, and with all those new year’s resolutions to think of, you can’t forget your home! Good interior design mixed up with modern Italian furniture will be able to transform your home into a great oasis. Here are some of the best design trends to keep an eye out for during this upcoming year.

Neutrals and metallics

A huge trend in the new year has to do with a neutral color scheme dotted with bright and shiny metallics. Think beige and rose gold, cream and silver, and grey and gold. You can even mismatch all of your metals together to create a sparkly theme that any guest will be a fan of. The color combinations are truly endless.


Slip into a Pair of Exotic Leather Shoes for Men

Written by Shopping Magazine on December 26, 2016. Posted in Italian loafers, Monk strap shoes mens

Designer leather shoes

Are you expanding your wardrobe to include luxury designer fashion? The next time you go shopping for clothes at the mall, you will also want to purchase just the right designer shoes and accessories to complete your look.

Were you aware that men’s accessories were purchased even more often from 2009-to-2014? Whether items such as luxury leather bags were purchased by men for themselves, or others purchased them for them, men’s accessory sales grew from 24%-to-40%.

There was also an increase in sales for men’s designer footwear during the same time period. Retail sales grew 39%, which definitely shows the growing popularity for luxury designer shoes. In addition to being designed and created with high-quality leather, these items are also popular because they can assist the wearer with creat

Planning a Vacation? Enjoy Renting a Condo by the Beach

Written by Shopping Magazine on December 19, 2016. Posted in Beachfront condos in sanibel island, Beachfront condos sanibel island, Condos in sanibel island


When was the last time you went on a real vacation? The type of vacation where you return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you own a business or are otherwise employed, hopefully you’re one of the 53% of adults in the United States that realize the benefits of taking regular vacations. When surveyed, these vacationers returned home feeling refreshed from the experience.

If you take regular leisure-oriented trips, do you choose weekly vacation rentals or stay in a hotel? When you’re aware of the importance of vacations for avoiding burnout and other work-oriented stress, you likely take regular vacations and choose relaxing environments.

Many busy executives, for example, believe va

Have Your New Company Logo Printed on a Promotional T-Shirt

Written by Shopping Magazine on December 9, 2016. Posted in Custom tee shirts, T shirt embroidery, T shirts custom printing

Promotional t shirts

Were you aware that T-shirts are worn by 95% of people in the United States? If you’re looking for a custom T shirt printing service, then you are probably well-aware of this.

When you want to get the word out on one or more of your products and/or services, promotional T-shirts, along with other items such as promotional tote bags, are a popular and effective medium for doing so.

It appears that no matter what age, gender, occupation, or other demographic category an individual might fill, you will see her or him wearing some type of T-shirt. In fact, a recent poll found that regardless of gender, the proverbial average American has over ten T-shirts in their closets or dressers.

More men tend to own over ten T-shirts than women, however, according to the above poll. It was found that 70%

Looking for Practical Gift Ideas? Give Your Loved Ones Sheets They’ll Use Every Day

Written by Shopping Magazine on December 7, 2016. Posted in Belgian eco linen sheets, Linen duvet cover, Linen sheets

Linen bed sheets

It’s already November, and you’re beginning to panic because you forgot to do all your shopping for the holidays. Take a deep breath; you still have plenty of time left to procrastinate.

If you’re the type of gift-giver who struggles with the holiday shopping season, then perhaps it’s time to rethink your approach. Rather than spending the next six weekends running around crammed malls and department stores, take a step back and really think of the people you’re actually shopping for.

Don’t Go Sentimental, Go Practical When Looking for Gift Ideas

Gifts like vanity coffee mugs, sweaters, and DVDs of a TV series that’s on Netflix anyway isn’t going to blow anyone away. But Christmas presents don’t need to blow anyone away. This year, give the people you care about something they’ll actually u

How Giving to Others Is Good for Everyone

Written by Shopping Magazine on December 6, 2016. Posted in Donation pick up maryland, Donation pickup, Used clothing pick up

Donating clothing to charity

Americans are very generous people. More than 95% of people in the United States are active participants in some form of charitable giving. When we cannot give money, we give our used belongings and make clothing donations. When we cannot make veterans donations of items, we volunteer our time. In one way or another, we like to give back to the community and help others. In giving back to our communities, we help ourselves, too. Here are some ways we help oursevles.

  1. When we give to others, it makes us happy. Michael Norton, a Harvard Business School professor, studied how people feel after they donate money to others vs. how they felt when they spent that same amount of money on themselves. Norton published his findi

The Benefits of Your Charitable Donations

Written by Shopping Magazine on December 1, 2016. Posted in Military donations, Military families, Organizations that help military families

Clothes donations

Most people are aware of the purpose of charitable organizations. However, most people do not understand to what extend these charities help out those who are in need. Many charities provide a variety of assistance to all types of people. Depending on the type of charity, they may be a crucial part in someone?s life. When you donate your items, consider getting to know the charity and their services a little better. It can help you to feel more connected and to understand the good that your money or donations are doing in your community.

Natural disaster relief efforts We have all watched with awe and horror as natural disasters unwind in our own backyards. We follow the many new stories and recent coverage on the path of tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires. We sympathize with the v